Sara DeHart, DC, FICPA graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1996.

Soon after she received additional certification in pediatric chiropractic and acupuncture. Dr. DeHart received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma. Recognizing value in the broad spectrum of healthcare options, Dr. DeHart has been trained to collaborate care with all types of doctors and practitioners, and welcomes the opportunity to be on your healthcare team. She is the only pediatric certified chiropractor in Denton.

While in college, she severely injured her back skiing. She tried physical therapy and pain medication, but nothing helped. It wasn’t until she was treated by a chiropractor that she finally experienced relief. This life-changing experience pushed Dr. DeHart to change her career path from pediatrics to chiropractic medicine. And she has combined the best of both!

Dr. DeHart’s favorite part of chiropractic is her ability to practice a holistic, preventative approach to healthcare. This whole body approach focuses on the root cause, allowing the body to heal itself. She’s grateful to be able to help patients restore their bodies’ optimal functionality, changing their lives for the better. She is married with two children and her hobbies include fitness, skiing, hiking and boating.